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Working in my DotCom Kitchen

I have a bad habit of over-cooking meat. Partially because my mother always did, and partially because The Wife is paranoid about overly-pink insides. So I'm working on saucier meats - mainly Italian and Chinese recipes. Playing with braising.

  • update: also bought a digital thermometer, and that helps a lot

I'm a junkie for roasted veggies (don't have a grill). Find it hard to cook any other kind these days. Fennel, eggplant, asparagus, zucchini, sweet red peppers...

I've always been a non-stick-pan kinda guy, but I'm feeling a lust for a big heavy nasty skillet and dutch oven. Maybe the trick is to never use those for stuff that's going to be particular sticky (e.g. asian dumplings).

Cooking to satisfy both adults and kids is a challenge. Make it interesting, but not too interesting.

My favorite cookbooks (not that I'm an expert)

  • New Basics Cookbook

  • New West Coast Cuisine (pre-1985)

  • Mexican Everyday (RickBayless)

  • Food From My Heart (Mexican)

  • Cooks Illustrated Best Recipe Italian Classics

  • Barbara Tropp's Modern Art of Chinese Cooking



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