Copying Non Itunes Video From Computer To Ipad

Copying Non ITunes Video From Computer (Desktop/Laptop) to IPad

  • no article identifies a nice way to do this
  • I finally installed I Flash Drive free app on the IPad.
  • Then you still use the IMac to tell it to copy your files over to the IPad.
  • Then you can only find the movies on the IPad inside the I Flash Drive app! (Not in Movies, or ITunes, or anywhere else.) So that's where you have to go to play the movie.
  • One of the movies was an AVI, so "the built-in player can't read this file".
  • Installed a free AVI player - O Player-lite.
  • But it can't see the movie inside I Flash Drive, and clicking the movie inside I Flash Drive doesn't recognize that there's another player available!
    • (this doesn't totally shock me as I'm aware of the IOS model of tying a file to a single app - but this is a good example of how stupid that whole model is)

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