Corporate Capitalism

Noam Chomsky on Corporate Capitalism, Libertarian Party, Anarchism. "That's why if you look at the ideology of the Founding Father-s - not what they actually believed - but at the doctrines that they professed, which is something quite different, they were opposed to centers of Power and authority. In the 18th century that meant they were opposed to the feudal system, and the absolutist state and the church and so on. Now those very same doctrines apply to the 19th century and the 20th century and they should, if we take them seriously, make us opposed to the patterns of authority and domination that exist now - like for example corporate capitalism, which is a system of Authoritarian control that Thomas Jefferson never dreamt of. Or the powerful 20th century state linked to the corporate elite, which, again, is a system of power and domination on a scale that, say, Jefferson couldn't have imagined. But the same principles would lead us to be opposed to them.

is it the same as State Capitalism?

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