Dayton Experiment

The Dayton Experiment documents a transformation – how a small public school district in rural Oregon created a new learning culture that sought to unleash the creative genius in each student, empowering them to be the makers and creators of tomorrow. Written by Thompson Morrison, with Ward Cunningham and Jami Fluke. ISBN:0578634392 Authored in SFW. Generative Schooling

In four years, Dayton’s graduation rate increased 14% to 97%, one of the highest in the state – 18% above the state average.

Might the mindsets and skillsets of Agile help us reimagine how we educate our students to unleash new passions, new potential, new prosperity? I didn't know. But I was committed to finding out.

Agile Learning Manifesto

All students have creative genius.

Purpose is essential for passionate learning.

Students can learn faster than they can be taught.

The process of learning is more important than the product of learning.

Empowering students as makers and creators unleashes their potential.

Partnerships allow us to develop new learning opportunities.

Failure is essential for success.

We are all co-learners.

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