Delton Chen

I am a geo-hydrologist and civil engineer, having worked in groundwater resources, mining, and geothermal energy. I am currently Global 4C project coordinator and Research Fellow with Project Drawdown. I recently analyzed the mitigation potential and economics of fly-ash cement and low-flow taps and faucets for domestic supply for the Project Drawdown book. My aim is to help solve the world carbon price problem with the development of a new policy framework for money-and-markets called Global 4C ( The new policy can circumvent political delay and trigger a socio-economic transformation to a low-carbon future. The Global 4C proposal could be the theoretical 'missing link' for strong climate change mitigation and long run sustainability. My preferred career direction is to cultivate stakeholder relationships through the provision of digital currency (DigiCash) policy and technologies for financing effective environmental services.

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