Digital SLR

higher-end Digital Camera (aka DSLR)

Jan'2012: going to be obsolete?

my goals (relative to Point And Shoot Digital Camera)

  • higher image quality

  • faster speed (quicker to take image)


why bother, if already have film SLR (that I get CD-ROM burned for each roll) and Point And Shoot Digital Camera?

  • dump bad photos

  • take scads of pictures (e.g. at wedding) without having to juggle rolls of film

Will a Nikon take my existing Nikon lenses (regular and zoom)?

  • yowka the fancy ones cost $3k-$5k!

  • the D40K ($800 body-only) only supports AutoFocus with some lenses (hmm, need to check what I have)

"SLR-like" cameras - no interchangeable lens. But less bulky because of different viewfinder approach.

I'm probably going to buy the D40 with the 18-55mm lens ($480), then buy the 55-200mmVR lens ($225) to go with it.

  • Nov11'2007 - bought the D40x instead. A little more expensive, but more defensible to Jihi by having more mps without paying all the way up for the D80.

Nov16'2007: beginner guide to making use of it.

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