Dave Winer product/project of 2021: my new outliner-based scripting system for the web... The same way Frontier was designed around an object database and the Mac filesystem (and later Windows), Drummer works with public and private files on a server... I am creating a product, but as with Radio UserLand, I also want to try to create a new use for our computers. With Radio it was blogging and RSS. This time it's a richer, better connected working environment on the net for power users and devs.... The key innovation in Drummer is JavaScript without the callbacks.

I think of my "product" today not being Drummer or Daytona or whatever's next, rather it's wanting to have my passion, outlining, experience the same kind of birth as a platform as the Apple II did, or CP/M, MS-DOS, Windows, the web, RSS, podcasting. Look at that string! Wow. But today's users and developers haven't even really experienced one exploding platform. That's my product now. I want outlining to be the basis for growth the same way those others were.

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