Eating After Vomiting

If you've barfed from The Flu or other reasons, what should you eat? (These same guidelines seem to apply when you just have diarrhea.)


  • caffeine
  • carbonated drinks
  • high-sodium drinks (like energy drinks)
  • milk, ice cream, cheese, other dairy
  • other high-fat foods: meat
  • spicy or aromatic foods
  • high-fiber foods: whole grain bread, tough fruit


  • water, ice chips
  • decaffeinated tea, fruit ices, broth and gelatin,
  • Pedia Lyte for kids (I find they hate the drink, but are fine with the ice-pops), sports drinks for adults, coconut water for either
  • jello
  • white carbs (rice, mashed potato), bananas - aka BRAT "bananas, rice, applesauce and toast." (no butter or other spreads on the toast)
  • soup (broth, noodles) (bone broth)

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