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I'd hoped this engine would be the core of Automatic Media, but they chickened out.


Nov'2012 - hrm seems to have become a pretty random collection of writings (incl lots of poetry and fiction). Still lots of internal links, but much less Public Wiki-like than it used to be. And doesn't seem oriented toward editing/shared pages: in fact, while there's a list of "new" write-ups, there doesn't seem to be RecentChanges page.

  • Everything2 is not a wiki, and there is no direct way for non-content editors to make corrections or amendments to another author's article. Avenues for correction involve discussing the writeup with its author; petitioning a content editor; adding a note in a special "broken nodes" section; or superseding the original writeup with an original, stand-alone follow-up. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Everything2

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