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Jan'2012: Leonard Richardson worked there last summer, and gives his gloss. The last thing I did at Findings was design a Web Service for them, which they're hopefully working on now. Once the web service launches, you'll be able to write programs that import readings into Findings from non-Kindle sources.... One final (DIY) note: If you have a Kindle, connect it to your computer and look on its filesystem. All your highlights are kept in a structured-text file located at documents/My Clippings.txt. This file includes highlights taken from PDF files and other ebooks not recognized by Amazon, which don't get synced to Even if you don't use Findings, take control of your highlights by backing up this file.

Sept'2012: Amazon tells them to stop. They had already shifted their focus to web-clips, which I think is pretty pointless (how is this different from

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