aka All You Can Eat

Tom Evslin brought this to ISP market via ATT World Net

  • http://blog.tomevslin.com/2005/02/subscription_pr.html (applying/extending thoughts to NetFlix and VoIP)

  • http://blog.tomevslin.com/2005/12/relaunching_the.html When we launched AT&T World Net Service under the umbrella of this powerful brand, we had more subscribers within a week than our arch-rival MCI had gained in the year when they had a service and we didn't. But we also offered something MCI didn't - a $19.95 flat monthly rate. But here's the importance of brand: we didn't invent flat rate pricing. PSI and a few other smaller players already offered it. We used the power of our brand to get both attention and credibility for an offer which appealed to our customers. Brand alone wouldn't have created our initial success. Flat rate pricing alone didn't do it for brand-unknown competitors. Brand and an attractive offer are a dynamite combination.

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