Flu And Cold

Two nasty Virus-es.

once you have kids you get extra paranoid about getting sick, because (a) they're always passing along stuff, and (b) you're already sleep- and time-deprived.

Flu (The Flu):

Colds (Common Cold, URI) (sometimes hard to distinguish from a Sinus Infection):

  • Guaifenex loosens mucus, helping you unclog your throat. If you take normal multi-ingredient cough syrup, you get around 200mg of this. If you take the max dose of guaifenex-only cough syrup, you get around 400mg. If you take 2 capsules, you get 1200mg.
    • but it sounds rather scary
    • over-the-counter Mucinex
  • real Sudafed (pseudoephedrine, not "PE" phenylephrine) - which these days requires getting it from behind the pharmacy counter
  • Gatorade, baby.
  • see http://tantek.pbwiki.com/HowToKickColds - HowToKickColds

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