Fluid Mode

David Chapman model, coming from Robert Kegan

This page (when written) will sketch a preview of the fluid mode. It will be only a preview, because most of Meaningness and Time will be about the fluid mode. This page specifically relates fluidity to its history: its evolution out of recent previous modes of meaningness. One way of expressing fluidity is to say that cultural conditions are now right for understanding and acceptance of the complete stance.



Theory Engine:

  • Robert Kegan Evolving Self notes: Stage 5 people see that conflict between structures is inevitable, but unthreatening, since each structure has its own set of founding axioms, which may directly contradict another structure’s set of founding axioms. This contradiction is obvious but untroubling because the stage 5 person no longer identifies their own self with their one true structure. This becomes a general awareness that contradiction or lack of internal coherence in anything is fine, even interesting and funny.
  • Existing signs. At the moment, society is largely at Stage 4, and has been since the tribal group style typical of Stage 3 began to decline... This post will submit some ideas for institutions that are exhibiting Stage 5 dynamics... KickStarter... Elon Musk...

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