MIT MediaLab professor. Died 2020. (more)

areas outside an Urban center (more)

I worked NASA's Kennedy Space Center for a few months (roughly Sept84-Jan85), as a consultant employed by Science Management, working for the Center's logistics contractor (they ran the warehouses, security, fire stations, etc.). (more)

Bill Seitz is a Product Manager/CTO with a track-record of bringing a business perspective to building agile product-development teams for start-ups, and is seeking senior role in entrepreneurial organization building disruptive Internet-driven products. (more)

The mental practice of acknowledging the uncertainty/risk of every belief or decision or action. (more)

type of GUI that allows incremental changes (up and down) in level of visible detail (Fractal)? (more)

No, not "evil" or "bitchin'": each attempt to create a solution changes the understanding of the problem. (more)

Any Product Manager should be able to do their own SQL-based Exploratory Data Analysis. (more)

In doing Agile Product Development, there can be a tension between a "top-down" (I don't mean exec-driven, I mean mental-stack) Product Vision/Product Strategy/Conceptual Integrity and an incremental/iterative process of Thinking In Bets. (more)

Clive Thompson on Gordon Bell's My Life Bits project to store (wear a Digital Camera on your neck that auto-snaps every x minutes) and access everything. See also: LifeStreams, LifeBox, Accelerando (Manfred Macx pre-SingularIty). (more)

Jason Cohen: The Iterative-Hypothesis customer development method. The goal is to uncover the truth, not to sell (more)

Pondering a SoftwareForge built on a pattern of graphs (everything is a graph).... → Graph-Driven SoftwareForge

literally "after-death" (investigation into causes) - see also incident analysis (more)

blog started Mar'2001 by Evan Williams in reaction to DotCom giveaways (OPM, Advertising). Also driven by hopes of dotcom-unemployed geeks to build indie rent-paying businesses. (more)

Amy Hoy: Niches Don't Work - but Worldviews Do. Niches are groups of people. Typically a niche defines a group of people by slots and numbers: middle-aged housewives, young men with disposable income and technical skills between the age of 18 and 35. (more)

Amy Hoy: My customers don't know they have a problem… if you have to change worldviews — and this woman sounds like a hot mess, really — then you need to lure them in with stuff they know they want, and then go “but really, if you have xyz problem, you ought to consider this other thing instead…” (more)

Richard had built over a dozen apps. What was different about Stunning? His SaaS Stunning has recovered an impressive 1.7 Billion+ (yes, with a B!) in recurring revenue for his customers. And that’s what matters. (more)

Jonas Groener: Cultivating Relationships through Projects. How would project-based collaboration look differently, if we saw it as a means of cultivating relationships (rather than a way to produce results)? (more)


This is the publicly-readable WikiLog Digital Garden (17k pages, starting from 2002) of Bill Seitz (a Product Manager and CTO). (You can get your own pair of garden/note-taking spaces from FluxGarden.)

My Calling: Reality Hacking to accelerate Evolution by increasing Freedom, Agency, and Leverage of Free Agents and smaller groups (SmallWorld) via D And D of Thinking Tools (software and Games To Play).

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