Semi-dismissive career advice. See Learning Programming. (more)

EBook "standard" from IDPF (more)

Text Editor from GitHub. Sunset Dec15'2022, being forked as PulsarEdit. (more)

Zvi Mowshowitz: Covid-19 1/12/23: Unexpected Spike in Deaths. Quite a lot of deaths got reported by quite a lot of different states this week. Case numbers did not spike, and instead actively declined. What’s going on? It is right after Christmas and New Years, which means the least reliable reporting of the year, and no one cares much anymore – Indiana and Illinois didn’t bother reporting anything on either front – so the obvious explanation is this is a lot of backlog dumping with the new year....What I am not worried about, given the case numbers, is that this wave is going to get out of hand (more)

Zvi Mowshowitz: Covid-19 1/19/23: Flipped Numbers. It was a quiet week. All the longer term news was as one would expect. That is good news. (more)

Sales Funnel Metrics - Acquistion, Activation, Retention, Referral, Revenue - 2007-12-31-McclurePirateMetrics (more)

aka Feature Flag, see also A/B Test. Feature Toggles (often also refered to as Feature Flags) are a powerful technique, allowing teams to modify system behavior without changing code. They fall into various usage categories, and it's important to take that categorization into account when implementing and managing toggles. Toggles introduce complexity. We can keep that complexity in check by using smart toggle implementation practices and appropriate tools to manage our toggle configuration, but we should also aim to constrain the number of toggles in our system. (more)

Measurement with a goal (more)

For me, Planning Is A processing of making decisions about what actions to take in the future, and making predictions about the outcomes of those actions. (more)

Jason Cohen says you should Focus your product messaging on your "perfect customer" (Ideal Customer, User Scenarios). You have to communicate in a picture and a few words. The good news is you have to please only Carol, and you know Carol. You even know she’ll honestly be thrilled to find you. If your ad can’t grab Carol’s attention — your perfect customer — why do you think it will grab anyone else’s attention? If you still say it’s impossible to communicate your message in 5-10 seconds, no one in the world will get your message. (more)

Totally subjective; see also Teen Movie (more)

I've never had a 2nd monitor, but finally pulled the trigger on a Dell S2722QC for my MacBook Pro. (more)

What CollaborationWare have I used? (more)

Summary: Break your customers into Segments, and try to focus on 1 (more)

Amy Hoy model/process of picking a market segment of ideal customers, and learning their biggest problems, vocabulary/mindset, etc. (more)

Customer who feels the pain you address, values your solution, has money to spend, would be very disappointed if you went away, will provide word of mouth, etc. (more)

Adrienne Barnes process of building a rich/actionable persona of your ideal customer. (more)

when a new user first realizes the value of your product and why they need it, ideally (but rarely?) happens during first visit (onboarding, AARRR, north-star playbook) (more)


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