Gavin Wood

Founder Gavin Wood: Dr. Gavin James Wood is an English computer scientist, co-founder of Ethereum and creator of Polkadot and Kusama.[1][2]... Prior to developing Ethereum, Wood worked as a research scientist at Microsoft.[1] He co-founded Ethereum, which he has described as "one computer for the entire planet,"[3] with Vitalik Buterin and others during 2013–2014.[4] Wood proposed and helped develop Solidity,[5] a programming language for writing smart contracts and released the Yellow Paper defining the Ethereum Virtual Machine,[6][7] the runtime system for Smart contracts in Ethereum, in 2014.[8] He also served as the Ethereum Foundation's first chief technology officer.[9][10] Wood left Ethereum in 2016.[11]... He founded the Web3 Foundation, a nonprofit organization focusing on decentralised internet infrastructure and technology, starting with the Polkadot network.[10] In comparison to Ethereum's Proof of Work mechanism, Polkadot relies on Proof of Stake mechanism and allows developers to create their own blockchain that can talk to other ledgers, forming a system of parachains. Developers can decide what kind of transaction fees to charge and how fast to confirm blocks of transactions across the digital ledgers. In 2019, he founded Kusama, an early stage experimental development environment for Polkadot. See also Web3.

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