Getting Passport For Kids

Needed for Spring Break trip to Bahamas

  • Passport: needed for each of the kids

    • fill out application DS-11 for each (don't sign it in advance)

    • have to prove both citizenship and relationship

    • birth certificate should be sufficient, as long as parents' names are on it

    • do the children have to actually be there? yes!

    • each parent attending needs their ID: passport or Drivers License

    • if only 1 of the parents takes the stuff, the other must fill out, sign, and notarize! form DS-3053

    • need 2 passport photos for each kid

    • need to make an appointment to go apply (if you need to go to the "real" places because you want to travel in 2weeks - and those places won't let you go in more than 14 days early). Pay extra $60/each for expediting.

    • have to bring "proof" of travel date (if ordering tickets online, printing your confirmation is sufficient)

  • got this done

    • couldn't find original for one of the birth certs, and they wouldn't take a color copy, of course, so had to go to Dept Of Health to get a new official copy. That process took less than 10minutes in line, and printed instantly!

    • overall time, including side-trip for birth-cert, took just a couple hours.

    • then went back that same afternoon to pick them up!

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