Getting Started With FluxGarden

Create your FluxGarden account, confirm your email, pay. Hit the Home link and it will take you to your inner/private FrontPage, which includes a link to your outer/public FrontPage.

  • for more history/context, see the FluxGarden page

Pick which space you want to start with.

Click on the MyRecentKeyPages link to edit it, and list some pages you want to create, using double-brackets around each name. Save the page. Then click one of those new links to go to that page, and edit/save to create it. Once you Save that 2nd page, you'll see BackLinks: MyRecentKeyPages below the body of your page.

In your inner space, you might like the suggestions at First Pages To Create In Your Private Wiki Notebook and First Seven Days Of Using Your Private Wiki Notebook.

To create a date-stamped page, the easiest way is to clck the "(quick-add)" link in the upper right (only you see this link, and the link across spaces, nobody else sees them). Hit the "Edit" link, and the current date will be pre-filled in the Title, and you can add the rest of your pagename - when you save, that title will be turned into the URL for the new page.

I use date-stamped pages in my outer garden mainly for social bookmarking. Usually 1 page per article I read, but sometimes I'll cover multiple related articles in the same page.

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