Google Editions

The name for Google Book Search as it starts more actively selling books.

Oct'2009 article covering announcement - Google Editions has three business models: to allow the consumer to buy the e-book via Google Books; to buy it from a partner retailer; or from a publisher's own website. Payment will be split 63/37 in the publisher's favour through the first route, while if the book is bought from a retailer, the publisher will take 45%, with the remaining 55% split between retailer and Google. Edmonds said discussions were "just beginning" as to what split that would be. She added no split had been decided on for books bought via a publisher's site.

May09'2010: Norman Oder says this is separate from the database intended to be created from millions of Out Of Print books scanned from libraries, which certainly would be marketed to libraries, assuming the Google Book SearchSettlement, pending before a federal judge, is approved. With a sibling project, it’s not unlikely that Google will ultimately seek a library market, though Google Editions will be marketed via individual Google accounts.

May26'2010: Norman Oder summarizes some Q&A from a talk Google's Mark Nelson gave.

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