Host Video

Let's say you want to host some Video on your site...


  • allow downloading, or only Streaming?

  • how long? 30sec, 10min, or longer?

  • resolution level (pixels and frame-rate)? (Is it a talking head, or an MRI?)

Bright Cove is the big player.

Scott Hall suggested

  • Amazon S3

  • Blip Tv

  • just about anyone already doing a lot of video hosting for themselves probably offers a service of hosting for others, even if they don't promote it - so ask

Someone else suggested

  • If you have a larger expectation for integration/complex business rules/etc then thePlatform is another one to think about (though I wouldn't talk to them if you have less than say 50k objects and/or complex work flow integration issues to work through)

  • if you need to do store fronts with sell through then take a look at extend as that is their sweet spot


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