Incident Analysis

Like a retrospective, but triggered more by a specific "event", most often a production outage or important bug... which means there's a certain urgency to "fixing" it (Time to Restore Service as one of the Four Key Metrics), but you need to generate enough info during the fixing process to be able to agree afterwards (a) what was actually/fundamentally broken, (b) what correction actually fixed it, and (c) what that implies for preventing a recurrence.

Morbidity and mortality (M&M) conferences are traditional, recurring conferences held by medical services at academic medical centers, most large private medical and surgical practices, and other medical centers. Their use in psychiatric medicine is less prevalent.[1] Death, deterioration and complications may be unavoidable in some patients due to underlying disease processes. However they may also be associated with medical errors or omissions in patient care. M&M conferences involve the analysis of adverse outcomes in patient care through peer review. (Medical Learning)

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