Jini Community

Community of Java Jini developers. A model for the Social Software Alliance?

Early on (Apr'99) had a Pattern Language drafted by Richard P Gabriel and Ron Goldman - [pdf](http://www.dreamsongs.com/NewFiles/Jini Community P L.pdf) and [html](http://www.jini.org/process/Jini Community P L.html) (which is missing some of the intro from the pdf version, though some of that intro is on the process page)

Their Constitution was drafted in Apr'99 and ratified in Nov'99.

Their DecisionProcess was created in Dec'02 (largely about process to approve Jini standard API-s) (documents list)

  • the first standard, serviceUI, as approved in May'03.

Community Meetings were held in May/Oct'99, Mar/Jun/Dec'00, and Jun'02 (nothing in '01?)

Mailing [lists](http://community.jini.org/servlets/Project Mailing List List) - general mailing list averages fewer than 10 msg/month, all from Jim Hurley making announcements.

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