John Maeda

was MIT MediaLab professor - generating art from code (Generative Art)

blog focusing on Simplicity

Apr'2014: excellent interview. But you learn; artists and designers are great at figuring things out, like this thing you’re doing. You stumble, pick yourself up, and keep going... There are two frames to this idea of taking a risk. When you’re taking a risk, you can either be audacious or courageous—two different things. If you have audacity and take on a risk, it means you don’t know what you’re getting into; you’re walking through a door, into a dark room, with no idea what’s there. If you have courage, it means that you know exactly what’s behind that door; there’s something dangerous, hard, and it’s going to make you really uncomfortable. I think you get to be more audacious when you’re younger because you don’t have as many experiences to reference.

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