took the VistA hospital-administration software (including EMR) written by/for the VA-Hospital system (got it free via FOIA), paid to rewrite it for LinuxOS.

don't know how that relates to this Nov'2004 article - Pepper serves as chairman of World Vista, an organization dedicated to making health care technology more affordable worldwide with systems based on Vista... Officials at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) want to use Vista to stimulate the adoption of EHR systems by doctors with a new public-domain version of the software, Vista-Office EHR, developed in conjunction with VA officials... Saiki said Pacific Telehealth has had about 1,000 downloads of Hui Open Vista software package from its Web site and envisions it serving health care facilities worldwide. Pacific Telehealth developers have built an application service provider prototype of Hui Open Vista, Saiki said. The software is housed on central servers (ASP), relieving the need to hire an IT staff to maintain an in-house EHR system.

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