Metacurrency Project

We need to expand the meaning of the word Currency beyond its industrial age equivalence with Money or Medium Of Exchange.

Consider how the following things change flows of attention, trust and participation in addition to “normal” exchanges of value: frequent flier miles, college degrees/grades/credits, five-star ratings, certifications, bus passes, votes, your eBay rating, scores, coupons, buy-9-get-10th-cup-of-coffee-free cards, gift certificates, lindens, Olympic medals, etc. (reputation graph)

MetaCurrency is a suite of open protocols for building a resilient decentralized currency network.

Arthur Brock Prezi presentation

Alan Rosenblith Video-heavy Prezi presentation

Flow Space

a Concept Map

XGFL eXtensible Game Format Language (XGFL) XGFL is our implementation of open rules for the Metacurrency Platform.

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