Mirror Worlds

1992 book by David Gelernter ISBN:0195068122 - aiming toward Real Time Simulation of the Real World - accessible via Augmented Reality?

Then he created company of that name to build/distribute Scope Ware/LifeStreams product.


Sued Apple Computer for Patent infringement over UI for Cover Flow, Time Machine, and Spot Light, in 2008

  • Nov'2010 - awarded $600+M
  • Apr'2011 - reversed by judge. A federal judge in Tyler, Texas, today said Apple didn’t infringe a patent owned by Mirror Worlds LLC and closed the case in Apple’s favor. The court also said the damage award was too high. The judge did uphold the validity of the three Mirror Worlds patents.
  • Jul'2016: Apple will pay $25M to patent troll to avoid East Texas trial

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