News monitoring service

founded by Nick Denton

Jason Kottke analysis from Oct'2003 - Although they had correctly bet on all this stuff becoming important, Moreover unfortunately abandoned the consumer market for the safe confines of the enterprise market, as did almost every other company in early 2001 when the dot com bubble goo was raining down upon the industry. Which is a shame for us because we've had to wait a lot longer for all these useful tools, services, and technologies and a shame for Moreover that they're not at the forefront of this still-developing space, building on those innovative ideas that they weren't able to execute on.

Interview with CEO Jim Pitkow from March'2005. We spent 100-plus person years building our editorial system from scratch. It's a combination of human editorial input with automated systems underneath, coupled with the latest in information extraction technology. We use a combination of lexical, semantic, and contextual analysis to reliably extract things like location. Unless there are sophisticated technologies behind the scenes, you just won't get precision and accuracy. A lot of our data ends up in Reputation Management systems, which plow through hundreds of thousands of articles a day.

Being purchased by Verisign

Mar'2015 history by Richard Mac Manus. There wasn’t enough profit for Moreover in providing news feeds for free. Or at least, not enough profit to satisfy Moreover’s board and investors. The bursting of the Dot Com bubble didn’t help. So in 2001, at the same time it was successfully beating Google on real-time news, Moreover began to look for a solid revenue stream. There was an easy solution: sell its news aggregation technology to Enterprise customers.... Verisign finally sold Moreover in May 2009 to a group of investors led by former AOL executive Paul Farrell... Nothing of note happened for the next four years, until Moreover was acquired by LexisNexis in October 2014 for an undisclosed sum.

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