Negative Scanning

Late-2008: Scanning photo-film-negative (typically 35mm) to digital format...

I had Cd-Rom-s made along with print processing starting in late-2001. Unfortunately Number One Son was born in early-1998, so that's lots of key photos available in analog.

Of course, why should we care? But, as usual, what Jihi wants....

Hmm, at least some of the prices below do not include Cd-Rom/DVD delivery - I guess they give you download access.

DigMyPics $0.35/photo ($8.40 for 24) (that's for 2500 dpi, 7Mpx - 2 higher res avail at higher prices) ($181 for 500 incl DVD; shipping not incl). Seems like a little more human image-reviewing going on.

Brite Pix $0.39/photo (3000 dpi) ($9.36/24), $231 for 500 incl DVD and ($18) shipping. Off Shoring to Costa Rica. $0.58/photo (2000 dpi) (packages seem mis-priced for negs) $18/roll, volume discount

Feb'2009: sent just 3 rolls to DigMyPics.

  • Feb18: taken to post office in afternoon

  • Feb20 16:00 got arrival-confirmation email: quoting 10-12 business days (for under-300)

  • Mar06: check status website, says it's been 11 biz days, scanning happened Mar02, they're in post-production.

  • Mar09: got email saying scans are ready for online review

  • Mar15: approved pics and paid

    • they only give you a rather small image to review, so you can presumably catch major glitches

    • $6 for the CD, $4.95 for shipping, total $36.50.

Scan Cafe charges just $0.24/image for 3000dpi, including manual tweaking. They bulk-ship to India, so it takes 3 months.

My brother-in-law has used for scanning prints.

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