No Child Left Behind

George W Bush program on Educational Reform. Driven mainly by Standardized Test-s.

It is... technically optional: States need not comply with NCLB, as long as they are willing to forgo the federal funding that comes with it.

  • The Barrington Il school district gets 3% of its funds from the Feds, and 8% from the State.
  • What if a school district wanted to opt out? What if a single school wanted to?

May'2012: 18 states have been granted waivers so far... in exchange for state-developed plans to prepare all students for college and career, focus aid on the neediest students, and support effective teaching and leadership. Which makes it sound to me like

Waivers have been granted to 32 states! (Rule Of Law)

Because this wasn't quite stupid enough, Barack Obama added Race To The Top.

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