does such a claim equate to a belief in a single Absolute Truth?



Karl Popper: Objective Knowledge: An Evolutionary Approach ISBN:0198750242

  • http://www.geocities.com/Athens/8994/read_001.html - He posits that there are three worlds. World one is the world of physical reality. World two is the world of individual psychology. World three is the world of objective knowledge - knowledge which has survived extreme criticism - consisting of the total of human books and libraries (and presumably other institutional knowledge such as certain computer data, etc.).
  • in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Popper - In other words, the knowledge held by a given individual mind owes at least as much to the total accumulated wealth of human knowledge, made manifest, than to the world of direct experience. As such, the growth of human knowledge could be said to be a function of the independent evolution of World Three. Compare with Memetic-s. Contemporary philosophers have not embraced Popper's Three World conjecture, due mostly, it seems, to its resemblance to Cartesian Dualism.
  • in http://www.the-rathouse.com/poppurpose.html - His theory of evolutionary Epistemology is remarkably similar to Jean Piaget's genetic epistemology, though it has aroused little interest and the central doctrine of objective "world three" knowledge fell like a stone among philosophers. Stuart Hampshire remarked in a review "It does not seem to me to be an illuminating theory". Anthony Quinton described it as "mulish, troublesome and infertile". Paul Feyerabend suggested it as a sign of a research program in decay and Alfred Ayer dismissed it in half a sentence in his book on philosophy in the 20th Century. But despite these adverse comments and a general failure of most people to make anything out of the idea of objective knowledge, preliminary work suggests that it can be used to illuminate a wide range of problems from the theory of literature to the nature of human Motivation and Mind Body relationship.

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