Open Source Intelligence

Intelligence for national security purposes gathered from non-classified sources.

Proceedings from a 1992-7 conferences:

Oss Net (last "what's new" Jan'00): "sponsors an annual conference for intelligence professionals from all walks of life and all countries of the world", founded by Robert David Steele

Naval Open Source Intelligence is a digital library of world naval operational news curated from open source intelligence (WebLog using Userland Manila):

Comprehensive guide to economic and open-source intelligence-related resources on the Web, as well as an overview of commercial intelligence enterprises.:

A different (non-military) spin comes from Open Flows.

There's a Yahoo OSINT group run by The Intelligence Network ( Around 50 msgs/day. There are others: terrorism, spynews, ampm, InTheShadows, Israels-Challenge... all hosted on Yahoo Groups.

a 2006 conference

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