Iterative process of "Plan-Do-Study-Act"

see also PDCA which uses Check instead of Study

  • PDCA emerged from a lecture given by W Edwards Deming in Japan in 1950. In that presentation, Deming described the continuous improvement cycle proposed by Shewhart in the 1939 book, “Statistical Method from the Viewpoint of Quality Control,” which was based on the scientific method that had emerged much earlier in the 1600’s. It was the Japanese attendees who drew out “PDCA” from Deming’s lecture. In 1986, Deming amended the description of PDCA. He wanted to emphasize the importance of reflecting on the meaning of whatever metrics you’re checking… and it was here that PDSA emerged. Deming was emphatic about the importance of not just “checking” the state of a system, but using that knowledge to better understand the product or process being improved – hence his recommendation to use PDSA as a natural evolution of PDCA.
  • https://www.shmula.com/25225-2/25225/


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