A remix is an alternative version of a song, made from an original version. This term is also used for any alterations of media other than song (film, literature etc.).

Remix culture is a term based on Lawrence Lessig's Remix book to describe a society which allows and encourages derivative works. Such a culture would be, by default, permissive of efforts to improve upon, change, integrate, or otherwise remix the work of Copy Right holders. Lessig presents this as a desirable ideal and argues, among other things, that the health, progress, and wealth creation of a culture is fundamentally tied to this participatory remix process. In his book, Lessig uses the term "Read/Write (RW) culture" to contrast it with a Read/Only (RO) culture. The latter is also called a permission culture. He has been queried as to his reliance on a binary opposite rather than a spectrum of permissions but this he explains is his way to broadcast this message to a mainstream audience.

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