a written-document story-telling structure different from, say, the Amazon Meeting Memo or PR/FAQ (or a Pattern). A good story structure contains a Situation, a Complication, a Question and an Answer: SCQA.”


inspired by Barbara Minto's pyramid principle

SCQA - A Framework For Defining Problems & Hypotheses - StrategyU

The situation and complication are the first steps to assess a problem and figuring out what is happening and to get the framing of the problem correct. This is also the part where you want to look beyond symptoms and identify the root cause problem.

QA: Asking questions (developing hypotheses). Once you define the problem, the next thing to do is start developing hypotheses. Put more simply, we start asking questions.

As you become more confident that the questions you are asking are the right questions, you would start grouping the questions across MECE themes

Once you have the areas of focus and specific questions, that is when the deep research starts.

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