Search Engine Optimization

practice/service for improving the ranking of one's own pages in (public) Search Engine-s. aka SEO.

a Zero-Sum game

If you want to check your ranking, try tools like |this Practices:

  • figure out what words apply to you that people actually search for

  • use those keywords you want to get found for!

    • use them more often per page, and closer to the top of the page?
  • using them in the title tag is even better

  • using them in MetaTag-s used to help, but Google and increasingly other sites ignore those tags now since they were mis-used by SEO spammers.

    • likewise some people used to use irrelevant-but-popular words in their documents with HTML tags to white them out, so humans wouldn't see them but Search Engine-s would. The engines got smarter.
  • supposedly using such words in filenames, hyphen-separated, works for Google. But for how long?

  • update/add-to your site more often

  • for Google, get other people to link to you, by being noteworthy! see Hugh MacLeod

Services: you pay them to:

  • advise on tweaking content and tags for your site

  • to get other people to link to you

  • to run phony sites to link to you

Anil Dash kicked butt in a Search EngineOptimization contest. My suggestions? Write good content. Develop an audience that cares about what you're doing. Do something that's relevant to people in your field.

warning page on Google

Brett Tabke note from 2002.

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