Solve For Distribution

Visakan Veerasamy: "solve for distribution" is a phrase I came up with to talk about marketing without using the word marketing

How do you get better at this? I think about it in very “natural” language.

talk earnestly with as many people as you can
practice good reply game, ask genuine questions, build relationships, develop a genuine understanding of people’s problems and perspectives
assembling the information from (2) into content that you can then share with more people. Write blogposts, make videos, make it easy for people to share your ideas with other people

a lot of what a day job is, is you’re counting on your employer to do the delivery for you. The employer then functions as a proxy, a middleman for the market.

There are two main reasons your business failed: failure of product, or failure of distribution. Peter Drucker might say, this is failure of innovation, or failure of marketing.

A lot of makers get kinda precious about the stuff they make (I do too!), and it impedes them from looking with clear eyes about what the market wants from them.

understand the market in your domain, so you can negotiate with it to get what you want out of it.

If you don’t go out and do the work of teaching people how to appreciate you, your odds of being appreciated are very, very slim.

it’s very hard to make any kind of great work without riffing and parlaying with other creatives (scene). the completely isolated genius. it’s maybe possible in fields like math, or maybe music… but even einstein hung out with other nerds.

Athletes, supermodels, etc make more money than teachers and nurses in part because their work can be distributed to a much larger audience/market. (Economies Of Scale)

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