Som Bunall

An alternative to Is A: "SomBunall" (some but not all), created by Robert Anton Wilson

Wilson uses the word (and encourages others to use it) to avoid making what he calls “all-ness statements.” Wilson writes, “Imagine Arthur Shopenhauer with a sombunall instead of all in his vocabulary. He could still have generalized about sombunall women, but not about all women; and a major source of literary misogyny would have vanished from our culture. Imagine the Feminists writing about sombunall men, but not about all men. Imagine a debate about UFOs in which both sides could generalize as much as they wished about somnbunall sightings but there was no linguistic form to generalize about all such sightings.”

Imagine what would happen if, along with this semantic hygiene, the Aristotelian is were replaced by the neurologically-accurate "SeemsToMe."

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