Storm Drainage Pond

place for Storm Water to drain to in Rural areas


for part of year have lots of algae

How about stocking fish that eat Algae?

  • Grass carp aren't generally stocked for algae control. They will tend to only eat fillamentous algae if there is nothing else better available to them. In so doing, the body of water would convert itself to planktonic algae which is worse. Our own fish hatchery, Jake Wolf, got rid of the grass carp they had for just that reason. They were making water quality problems which hurt the young fish and clogged the filters.

Algae blooms occur when something in the pond - such as nutrient content or pH level, a measure of acidity - has gotten out of whack. Fish are a source of excess nutrients, as are decaying leaves, lawn-fertilizer runoff, and uneaten fish food. A good way to remove nutrients is to add plants such as water lilies, which not only help to restore a healthy balance to the pond but also add to its looks. Plants also shade the water, which reduces the sunlight that encourages algae to grow.

More pond management info.

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