Potential computer input (UI), could be Always On You.

Subvocal recognition (SVR) is the process of taking subvocalization and converting the detected results to a digital output aurally (Audio) or text-based... In Speaker for the Dead and subsequent novels, author Orson Scott Card described an ear implant, called a "jewel", that allows subvocal communication with computer systems. Author Robert J Sawyer made use of subvocal recognition to allow silent commands to the Cybernetic 'companion implants' used by the advanced Neanderthal characters in his Neanderthal Parallax trilogy of science fiction novels. In Earth (Brins Earth), David Brin depicts this technology and its uses as a normal gear in the near future. In Down And Out In The Magic Kingdom, Cory Doctorow has cellphone technology become silent through a cochlear implant and micing the throat to pick up subvocalization. William Gibson's Sprawl Trilogy frequently uses sub-vocalization systems in various devices.

NASA project, 2006 interview with Chuck Jorgensen: We are up to about 25 words and 38 vowels and consonants. We are communicating in real time in pressurized suits to live cell phones.

and other BCI/BMI projects

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