Sugata Mitra

Hole In The Wall Educational Technology guy

May'2010 - on the OLPC

SOLE: The Self Organized Learning Environment (SOLE) School

  • Mar'2015: Korakati is now home to one of seven School in the Cloud learning labs that continue to fulfill Mitra‚Äôs wish.. Meanwhile, the School in the Cloud model is not limited to the seven learning labs. Anyone can start a SOLE, answer Big Questions, and connect with the Granny Cloud. Schools from Melbourne, Australia to Cleveland, Ohio have created SOLEs, and teachers say their students are hooked on the engaging and creative approach to learning... Typically, the SOLEs aim to answer questions from the Big Question library.
  • 2013 Ted Prize to build the School In The Cloud network
  • Support Pack
  • Dec'2010: Matt Ridley: Dr. Mitra's next brainchild, SOLE, takes this dynamic into the classroom. He is convinced that, with the Internet, kids can learn by themselves, so long as they are in small groups and have well-posed questions to answer. He now goes into schools and asks a hard question that he thinks the students will not be able to answer, such as: "How do you stop something moving?" or "Was World War II good or bad?".. One of my philosophical passions is Bottom-Up order. Human beings have a hard time understanding that some of the finest complexity in the world comes about through spontaneous emergence, not top-down diktat. This is true of ecosystems and economies, of genomes and cultures, of embryos and encyclopedias. Education, though, feels like one of those things that has to be top-down: There has to be a teacher and a taught. But plenty of people educate themselves. Is it possible for everybody to be an AutoDidact, now that knowledge is so accessible online? (Is this a tool for Raising Reality Hackers?)

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