Ten K Hours

"10,000 hours of practice" rule from Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers book about Talent.






  • can't be bad quality, needs to be Deliberate Practice?
  • Venkatesh Rao - rule only applies in Finite Game/Zero-Sum Game (or Mature Industry?) like Performing Arts and sports. In more-InfiniteGame-s, you need to get Good Enough and then keep working, but more to generate Serendipity than to chase a Local Optimum of perfection.
  • Jul'2014: In games, practice made for a 26% difference... In professions, just a 1% difference... The best explanation of the domain dependency is probably found in Frans Johansson's book "The Click Moment." In it, Johansson argues that deliberate practice is only a predictor of success in fields that have super stable structures. For example, in tennis, chess, and classical music, the rules never change, so you can study up to become the best.

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