Upgrading N810

How to upgrade the Nokia N810.

did this for 1st time at [z2008-02-25-N810RssReaderCrashing]

Oct'2008: 2nd time: to get Diablo version [z2008-10-17-N810DiabloUpgrade]

Basics (using MacOs X)

  • run the Backup/Restore app on the N810 to save docs to memory card

  • turn off N810

  • go to http://tablets-dev.nokia.com to get image

  • take out battery, write down serial number (that website will have more info): enter on nokia site to download the image

  • attach micro-USB cable to Mac and N810

  • hold down upper-toggle button on left-front edge of N810, press power button: will turn on, show USB icon in upper-right

  • launch "770Flasher.app" app on Mac: it will bring up file-prompt to pick the image file you downloaded before, then it will load it

  • when done, can quit Flasher, unplug USB, etc.

  • Restore docs

    • it will keep warning you of wanting to over-write newer files: apparently you should say "no" to all these

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