Walter Wink

Theolog Ian (Monotheism)

author The Powers That Be series In American society, the various reproductions of this Myth Of Redemptive Violence in popular culture have led to the acceptance of violence as the primary form of agency exercised by the institutions related to the Domination System; that is, institutions, whether they be states, social movements, educational institutions, churches, or families, that are based on the assumption that violence is necessary to exorcise evil. - In fact, my preoccupation with psychological insights tended to eclipse social and political questions... Later they would become social activists, I hoped... It would not happen because it could not happen. There has been erected an invisible glass wall between ourselves and the social system. Whenever we try to move against the system itself, we hit the glass wall; we are deflected, and we rise to transcend the discomfort of injustice or institutional evil by purely private means. It is the ideology of Individualism, and in this country, it exists to protect Racism, Sexism and the Class System of Capitalism. differences between the Domination System and God's domination-free order

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