Why Hack Your Life?

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The Post War Golden Age strategy for life was: get decent grades, get a White Collar job at a BigCo, move your way up the ranks slowly for 30 years, then retire with enough pension/savings to relax and enjoy the rest of your life.

Later, it became normal to move from company to company every 5-10 years, but the rest of the previous model stayed.

But those days seem to be over. We're in a long Economic Transition - a true Middle Class "recovery" could take decades.

Sleep Walking your way through life might not be enough to even Make A Living. At the same time, we'd like to aim higher and have a Remarkable Life or Meaningful Life, however we choose to define that.

But, given the ongoing change around us, no frozen Big Design Up Front for your life is going to stay helpful.

So you're going to have to apply a Reality Hacker mentality to your life.

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