Write.as is a pared-down blogging platform — a distraction-free place for you to write, and a clean space for your audience to read.

Instead of content management, we focus on writing. You'll see our editor screen first, every time you open the app. You can write in Markdown or switch to our friendly Rich Text editor. Your work is automatically saved to your browser as you write.

Add your domain name to keep control of your web presence. Make it your own with a custom theme. Then, know you're never stuck here — you can always export your work, or self-host your site with WriteFreely, the open source software that powers Write.as.

Pro $6 per month, billed yearly For prolific writers. Cus­tomize, build a read­er­ship, and publish however you like.
Up to three blogs on write.as or your own domain
RSS feed
ActivityPub integration

Write.as is part of Musing Studio, a suite of simple tools for creating and sharing on the open web. You can also gather writing submissions with Submit.as, share photos with Snap.as, and socialize with Remark.as.

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