Zwiki Changes 200309


  • turn off wiki link titles showing last_edit_time (because it sucks lots of stuff into the cache - see Zwiki:MemoryUsage)

  • make both square brackets hot (aesthetics)


turn off wiki link titles first (because that requires grabbing data about each linked page, which is bad for performance in rendering the page (and can suck lots of stuff into the cache)

where make change?

  • all in

  • start from label: "last edited" text is in linkTitleFrom() which is called by linkTitle() which is called from a few places

  • start from other end: "href" is generated within _renderLink() which calls linkTitle()

    • only calls that if render_title; _renderLink() seems to only be called by _renderedLinks() which sets render_title=0, so why is this ever called?

    • it doesn't make sense, but I'll just try setting the default value of the render_title argument in _renderLink() to 0 instead of 1

      • that seemed to work!
    • ah, found that _renderLink() is also called by renderLinksIn(), but because it's via the thunk_substituter it looks different so I missed it before. But then why did setting the render_title argument default value work? It looks like the '1' passed to thunk_substituter isn't for that purpose, it's for an 'allowed' param which I don't understand. So I'm not going to worry about it.

related thought: would it be good to change the link title to the unexpanded wikiname? Would this improve search engine hits for "bad" wiki names like "EntreprenEur"? Let's assume it's worth a shot.

  • besides, right now where rendering a 'title=""' within the href, which is tacky

    • made 2 small changes within _renderLink to set 'linktitle = morig'

    • it works!

make both create-new-page square brackets hot

in _renderLink()

  • it worked!

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