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DisEnchanted has a nice near-RealTime non-WiKi-auto-BackLinks function, where they grab their log's Referer data to insert backlinks into their articles.

Les Orchard has gone bananas with the idea...

(Apr22) More and more people are implementing this. I'll add it to my list of Future Wiki Weblog Features...

Referrer (four R's) ''Why can't I edit your wiki? Meatball Wiki:LoginsAreEvil.''

  • This isn't a "public" space, it's my writing space, where I do let anyone post a comment, but not edit. I think an open wiki makes sense for some groups, and some purposes: just not my purpose here/now. (I agree the "correct" (English) spelling is "referrer", but somehow the r-challenged version became frozen into the specification.)

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