Future Wiki Weblog Features

Future things to consider tweaking in this code. Meta-question: should I prioritize on (a) making writing easier for me, (b) getting others to use same tools, (c) nudge BlogWeb (or wiki-specific variety), (d) other WebLog-related, or (e) non-WebLog (Wiki For CollaborationWare) (Project Flux - actually, that's relevant to blogging too, but with lots more work)?

Upgrade code. Refactor my pages to fit more compatibly/optionally into official distribution. Get my changes adopted by official distribution.

Track down bugs in rendering URLs and HREFs (may get this for free if I just update the codebase).

Change create-page label (the "standard" is a question-mark) to something less distracting (the question-mark is especially confusing when printing a page, and even moreso when it occurs at the end of a question!). Maybe an asterisk? Caret? Plus-sign?

  • could get really fancy and not render it at all for anyone but me...

Explode WikiWords for public search engine hits (and greater normal-human readability)? hmmm. (Related idea: put all exploded contained Wiki Names into meta tag.) (note some ugly cases like Java) (note: doing this already for 'title' tag, but want to do it in all body text words)

link to Sister Sites

Multiple Thinking Spaces - engine has to make it easy to run multiple spaces (Private Wiki, WikiLog)

MultipleWikiLogChannels: have a single writing space, but define clusters of pages which drive topic-focused subset RSS feeds (and front/recent pages), for people who don't want the whole thing. (A topic list would have to include the listed pages plus anything linking to/from them.)

When rendering external HREFs, also render a link that runs a BlogDex search on the URL. And maybe a Google link search (except that the google search includes URLs on the same host, which often ends up including piles of junk).

Find on Wiki Name-s (not body content) (cache list for super performance!). Find "like" pages (same first word or same last word). (Wiki NameNetwork)

RSS - provide feed of this

Cache BackLinks and local ForwardLinks for each page, render with the page (in right column) to encourage their use. (This data could probably also feed Idea Graph/Touch Graph.)

Find "candidate" Wiki Names. (WikiWord-s that don't have nodes)

Admin functions: Rename Page, delete page

  • rename string - when you create a new Wiki Name, and you know the idea is used on multiple pages without using that exact Wiki Name, it would be nice to tweak all those occurences.

Better XHTML validation, CSS support.

Cache Personal Web Archive of pages I blog.

When URL asks for a page that doesn't exist (maybe an artifically generated Wiki Name from an AppLog), provide a create-new-page option.

Render diffs (or first lines, or line containing match) for Wiki pages in main listings. Return first lines with Wiki Names as search/BackLinks results (at least for 'z' items)

Improve hack of views that skip page types. e.g. if I import a bunch of WebLog history, then the Wiki History page could deliver an empty page as it cycles through 50 overall pages but finds that all of them are WebLog and not Wiki.

Take current page and generate long page combining all the pages directly referenced within (e.g. you could make a table of contents page for a "master document", and be able to pull together all the referenced pages into one big monster, maybe with aname links also).

Generate XML map for Touch Graph? (maybe just a small graph of all nodes within 2 jumps of current page) (or Idea Graph?)

true server-based Speed [[WebLog Entry]]: Easier process for adding new blogbit. EMail? Just simpler web process (auto-assign id)? (And auto-ping weblogs.com?)

system of rendering static HTML files and upstreaming to vanilla webserver, so people can run Zope on their desktop and not have to pay premium for zope-based hosting.

Grab Referers of each individual page (from outside). Add them to the BackLinks view. (Maybe order them by most-recent-clickthrough?)

Features inspired by TinderBox: http://hypertext.rmit.edu.au/vog/vlog/blog/32002/113tinde.html

automatically disregard singular/plural (and other weird variations in spelling of Wiki Name)

see Meatball Wiki:Meatball WikiSuggestions

Other list-navigation views: Meatball Wiki:IndexingScheme

For what it's worth, I have an RSS channel of you over here via Rss Distiller in Radio User Land: <http://www.decafbad.com/deus_x/radio/Rss DistillerChannels/webseitz.xml> --LesOrchard

  • wow, thanks! I've stuck the appropriate icons near the bottom of Front Page. --BillSeitz

  • Les's feed broke occasionally, and I finally put up my own super-terse RSS in Apr'03 --BillSeitz

A page diff feature would be really useful catching up on changes. --KenMacLeod

  • Bill says: yeah. Once I grab the latest update of the codebase, I'll be looking into that. (It's listed above.)

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