(2003-02-14) West Wing Interventionism

West Wing provided a scary justification for War On Iraq this week. Aaron Sorkin must have freaked out a lot of his lefty fans - he certainly puckered my sphincter. "We're for freedom of speech everywhere. We're for freedom to worship everywhere. We're for freedom to learn, for everybody. And because in our time, you can build a bomb in your country and bring it to my country, what goes on in your country is very much my business. And so we are for freedom from tyranny, everywhere, whether in the guise of political oppression, Toby, or economic slavery, Josh, or religious fanaticism, C.J. That most fundamental idea cannot be met with merely our support. It has to be met with our strength. Diplomatically, economically, materially..... No country has ever had a doctrine of intervention when only humanitarian interests were at stake. That streak's gonna end Sunday at noon (at Bartlet's inauguration speech).

your sphincter is sure to be loosened by the next terrorist bomb in NY City - don't fret for they are coming after you.

  • I'm not convinced the War On Iraq will significantly change the odds of that happening. --BS

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