(2003-05-04) Implicit Page A Names

An idea for the LazyWeb: Web Browser-s should support an implicit page 'a name' feature. In other words, when the browser is getting http://webseitz.fluxent.com/wiki/WikiForCollaborationWare#summarizing, it first looks for an explicit 'a name="summarizing"' tag, but once it fails to find that it basically just does a 'Find' for the first occurrence of the string 'summarizing'. A small complication: use '%20' for string of words?

Hmm, would this make Purple Numbers unnecessary? (Note breakage potential if targeted string gets changed.)

A commenter: Better still, use a hierarchy of tags for #name matching. I'd rather jump to the first heading named "summarizing" than the first raw string match. --notBill

Apr'2014 update: Kevin Marks and Jonathan Neal are executing a similar idea calling it "Fragmentations". They suggest explicitly distinguishing it from a normal in-page-link by using ##.

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